Sawtooth Bar Bag

Sawtooth Bar Bag


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The Sawtooth Bar Bag is a rugged, lightweight bikepacking and touring dual roll handlebar system. Ideal for carrying your sleeping gear, shelter and/or clothing. The Sawtooth exceeds at a providing excellent storage on the front end of your bike without compromising maneuverability through it's secure attachment system.

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The Sawtooth bar bag offers dualsided roll-down openings with easy access to storage of your sleeping kit and clothing. This main roll has lots of cargo capacity and is very versatile in how it can be shaped to store your gear. 

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  • Double back bar strap anchors this bag to the bar. Stays put on the roughest trails and is easy to adjust

  • Features dual, roll-down, dry bag style openings on either side of the bag.

  • For ease of use, install this bag at the start of the trip and leave it on. (set and forget) Lay the bike on a side at camp and easily access/repack the bag just opening one end. Or stand over the top tube and reach into either side to get items mid ride.


  • Fits on any handlebar

  • Maximum storage capacity with when used with mountain/flat handlebars

  • Also compatible with drop bars and dirt drops, just roll the ends until it fits

  • Add a Piñon Pocket to increase storage and to secure gear between the Sawtooth and Piñon bags

  • Provides a secure direct attachment for Rattlesnake Bar Stem, Piñon Pocket and Monida bags creating a complete handlebar cargo system


  • Dimension Polyant XPAC fabric is used for the bulk of the construction with lightweight VX21 for black and durable X33 used for the Multicam option. A four-layer sailcloth style laminate, this fabric is extremely durable, lightweight and waterproof.

  • Currently only available in Black Xpac

  • A custom, die-cut Hypalon panel is used where the main pack is in contact with the cables, stem, handlebar and shifters for added durability and abrasion resistance.

  • All seams are reinforced and finished with nylon grosgrain trim, so no raw fabric edges are exposed.


  • Sawtooth bar bag has a 7.5" diameter

  • Maximum width is 24" / Minimum width is 12" / Unrolled width is 32"

  • Weight: 7.5 oz

Installation Video coming soon!