Reviews & Stories

We've been hard at work testing gear in the worst conditions and wildest locations, here's what reviewer's have to say!

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Photo Journal: South Chilcotins

WG Ambassador Kody takes a solo trip through British Columbia and bear country. -

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Mines, Jackals & Singletrack

WG Ambassador Roberto travels through the Middle East from Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea via Fatbike.

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Searching for Singletrack

Alex travels through Tibet & offers a first hand perspective on a difficult political landscape. 

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Review: The Cuba Shakedown

Colt Fetters puts our full kit to the test on one of the first trips through Cuba! -

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Andean Breakfast : Ecuador

Travel with WG Ambassador Alex from Cotapaxi, Quilotoa to Chimborazo creating the Los Tres Volcans route.

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Iceland Bikepacking Adventure

WG Ambassador Joey Parent tests Wanderlust Gearthrough rugged Iceland's mud, rain & grit.

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Monida Cargo Bag Review

In-depth look at this versatile bag, so much more than just water storage -

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The Sonoran Advance

A four part story on persisting through the AZT during some rugged conditions. -

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The Eastern Sierra Obliged

Brent trudges through unforgiving sandy conditions and overgrown trails in this CA wild landscape.